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Retina Equity Partners LLC current investment strategy is industry agnostic with a focus on minority-based startups. Being industry agnostic allows us to expand the deal flow we receive from minority-based businesses while creating a diverse portfolio of industries in their seed stage with a Target Market Size of $300M or more and poised for growth.

Current Investments

Screen Shot 2021-02-25 at 3.03.07 PM.png

Investments Criteria

  • Full-time founder with strong Founding Team

  • Passion: Does your team have the gumption to persevere through highs and lows?

  • Solving an important problem

  • Attractive valuation in seed-stage or Series A investments (1-5% ownership target)

  • Clear timeline for Acquisition with targets identified

  • Ability for Retina Equity Partners to be of value in the growth of the company

  • Retina Equity Partners Investment Form

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