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To close the wealth gap of minority investors through crowdsourcing investments in early seed stage funds for minority startups across the globe to help grow small businesses.


Last year, U.S. companies raised record amounts of venture capital, at just under $150 billion. But of that capital, only $1 billion went to Black or African-American startup founders, which comes out to less than 1 percent of total funding, per Crunchbase data.

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Commitment to Founders and Investors

Diversity and Inclusion

Community Leadership




Since moving to Oakland California, I reflected on the avenues to spearhead the growth of generational wealth for those that look like me. The goal is to close the wealth gap that currently exists for minorities in the world while increasing minority representation in Venture Capital. Therefore, in January 2021 I decided to open Retina Equity Partners LLC.


The firm's primary focus will be to source investments from minority individuals and groups, who typically wouldn’t have the right connections or financial means to invest in seed-stage startup companies.


During this process, we will educate early-stage investors on the long-term financial opportunities this avenue of investing can provide, while maintaining transparency on the risk involved in the seed stage startups.




  • Perspective on minority consumers and trends

  • Professional Advisors and industry experts

  • Sourcing minority talent/hires

  • Founder to founder connections and forums

  • Value-added sourcing

  • Value-added diligence

  • Value-added portfolio company support

  • Financial and personal investment insight

  • Educational videos on VC process

  • Newsletters to gain awareness of Venture Capital news

  • Group discussions on building business acumen

  • Coaching on how to start your own Venture Capital Firm

Meet Founder &

Managing Partner 

Jonathan Michael Amos is Managing Partner of Retina Equity Partners where he focuses on fund strategy, partnerships, value-add opportunities and financial analysis.


Currently Jonathan works at Intuit in Mountain View, CA as a Senior Manager, of Product Marketing for the QuickBooks Small Business Segment portfolio, where he leads GTM for QuickBooks Term Loan for Small Business. Prior to this, he previous oversaw QB Time Mobile Marketing, FTU conversion, Process Change Management, Trial Optimization, and Branding initiatives across the time tracking business. Jonathan also sits on the board of SMAid International located in Sunyani, Ghana. 


He received his MBA from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University in Marketing and Entrepreneurship and holds a Bachelors in Accounting from Prairie View A&M University. Jonathan is an African American, originally from Houston, Texas. Socially he is a world traveler, and Fantasy Basketball Guru, and enjoys to stay fit in rec leagues with friends. 

 Founder and Managing Partner
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We believe it's not always the business idea, but the team behind the business



Are we the right fit for each other?

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  • Full-time founder with strong Founding Team

  • Passion: Does your team have the gumption to persevere through highs and lows?

  • Solving an important problem

  • Attractive valuation in seed-stage or Series A investments (1-5% ownership target)

  • Clear timeline for Acquisition with targets identified

  • Ability for Retina Equity Partners to be of value in the growth of the company

  • Retina Equity Partners Investment Form

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